Keirin Open Sprints at PS14

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Hey guys, here are some still frames from the video we shot at PS14 during the Keirin open sprints… that was a really fun night 🙂 We got some great footage that we’ll probably use in a small portion of our muuuvie. You can click an image to see the full size.



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Hello world!!!

We are Running Roots Productions, a full service production company based out of Miami. You can check us out here at


Its called “Fixed on Miami” about fixed gear biking (and maybe some skating too!) down here in MIA. We’re going FULL FORCE to make this movie the best fixed gear film out there!! Thank you to everyone who has helped us out thus just keeps getting better and better!

A bunch of people have been asking exactly what this film will be about, so here is a partial answer to that question: Fixed on Miami will be a pseudo documentary about fixed gear biking in Miami. It will have a loose story line that takes course over one full day. The velodrome, bike messenging, bike polo, tricks, scenic rides, urban rides, events and group rides, as well as comedic moments and everyday fixed gear riding in awesome locations will be featured. We are currently writing the screenplay, scouting locations, shooting a bit, and casting for the film. We have a strong concept that will be highly stylized, but also very real. This will not be an on the fly type of documentary film. Each shot will be carefully thought out before shooting.

Basically we have a bunch of HD equipment to make this film beautiful in every way!!

Check this website for the latest updates on the film, as well as shooting times, casting calls (whoever wants to be in it certainly can be!), and footage clips along the way.

When its all shot and done we’ll be having a huge party to premier the’s going to be the best party ever 🙂

Contact us on if you want to be a part of this film…We check it compulsively!


The Running Roots Productions Crew